Traveling with Your Nanny this Summer? Here are 5 Tips for a Smooth and Comfortable Trip

Traveling with young children can be stressful and challenging. Instead of enjoying the trip and being able to relax during your vacation, parents end up tending to the needs of their children and just looking after them throughout the trip. One key solution to this problem is bringing a nanny along so you can enjoy and have peace of mind, knowing that someone trustworthy is taking care of your kids, offering support and providing and extra set of hands.

5 Tips When Traveling with Your Nanny

If you decide to travel with your nanny this summer, here are the top tips to keep in mind so you can have a worry-free trip with your family and nanny.

  1. Discuss their hourly rate.
    Be sure to discuss the hourly rate with your nanny before the trip. Determine whether there will be any differences from their normal hourly rate, and if there will be any overtime or overnight fees. Also make sure to set expectations for payment, such as whether the nanny will be paid hourly or with a set amount for the entire trip. Determining the payment terms before the trip can prevent any possible arguments or problems in terms of rates and fees.
  2. Determine possible travel expenses of your nanny.
    To prepare for the big trip, make sure that you create a budget ahead of time, including your nanny’s possible expenses that you will shoulder, such as airfare, lodging, and meals. This way, you will not be surprised by any unexpected expenses, and you can simply just enjoy the travel without thinking about the cost.
  3. Create a clear schedule and set boundaries.
    Create a detailed schedule for the trip, including meal times, activity schedules, and nap times for your children. Make sure your nanny is comfortable with the schedule and is able to work around any changes that may occur during the trip.

    Be clear with your nanny about their role during the trip. Are they only going to take care of your children? Should they help out with any daily chores or errands? It is important that they fully understand what their responsibilities are and what is expected of them. Setting clear boundaries can help avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts during the trip.

  4. Discuss room and boarding.
    Before traveling with your nanny, decide on and discuss the sleeping arrangements with them. Will they be sharing a room with the children or will they have their own room? Will they get up at night when the baby cries? Will they be provided with their own meals or eat with your family? These details are often forgotten and usually cause misunderstandings between nannies and the family, so make sure to finalize these even before the trip.

  5. Communicate regularly.
    Communication is an important part of a successful relationship between you and your nanny. Therefore, make sure that your communication lines are open such that you can easily and comfortably say anything to them and they can also feel comfortable to do the same thing throughout the trip. Regular check-ins can help you stay on top of any issues that may arise, and can also help your nanny feel supported and valued. Make sure to provide feedback and praise when things are going well, and address any concerns promptly.

Make Your Summer an Unforgettable Trip with the Help and Service of a Nanny

Who says you can’t travel when you have a baby, toddlers, or young children? With the help of a trusted and professional nanny, traveling with kids can be easier and more manageable. Hire a nanny for your summer trip today for a memorable family trip. By keeping the above tips in mind, you can be sure that traveling with your family and a nanny this summer will be a smooth and wonderful journey. For more information about hiring a nanny in San Francisco or Los Angeles, visit our website here.

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