Welcome to the first step

in connecting with a professional and loving nanny

Welcome To The First Step In Connecting With A Professional And Loving Nanny Who Brings A Sense Of Ease And Consistency To Your Children.


The Nannies & More Inc. is your trusted agency that delivers real results by working diligently and expediently to match you with a great candidate which fulfills your needs and exceeds your expectations. We carefully research and evaluate each nanny applicant to create long lasting nanny-family relationships and provide you with first-rate childcare.
These relationships are formative and provide continuity of care
for your little ones, and peace of mind for you!

What To Expect!


Registration and Consultation: Non-Refundable registration fee of $475 retains our services to begin your search and will be deducted from the remainder of your placement fee when you choose your nanny. This fee also covers: – Consultation at your convenience over the phone or In-Person – Onboarding kit – Access to The Nannies & More Inc. Candidates


Interview Process and Nanny Selection: We will carefully select candidates that fit your requirements and Schedule your interviews for you at your earliest convenience. You can then conduct a working trial with your favorite Candidate(s). This will give you both a chance to get to know each other and see if you can project yourself working together long-term .


Verbal Offer and Written Agreement Assistance: If the working trial was a success and you are ready to move forward with your nanny this is when you extend a verbal offer. Our nannies are usually actively looking as well, and this will let them know that you will be formalizing the offer in writing and getting ready for the next step. The Nannies & More Inc. provides written agreement assistance to make sure your expectations are clear to ensure a thriving working relationship.


References, Background Checks and Document Verification: We will provide you with copies of all the Candidates documents for your home files. You are always welcomed to call the references directly.


You have your Nanny: Placement Complete!

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