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Employee And Corporate Childcare

  • The Nannies & More Inc. offers programs to help you support your employees by offering solutions to their childcare needs. When childcare issues arise unexpectedly an enormous amount of energy, attention and time are used, both during the work day and after, to find a solution to this stressful situation. The Nannies & More Inc. Corporate program promotes a work-life balance so your employees will be less likely to miss work and will be able to focus on their careers because they have quality childcare to rely on. The Nannies & More Inc. collaborates with our Corporate Partners to develop a cost-effective program with the greatest return and work with your company to develop customized childcare solutions that will address the specific needs of your employees.
  • Our programs cover:
  • Back-up Nannies/ Childcare
  • Hourly On-Call Childcare
  • Part-time and Full-time Nanny Placement
  • Maternity Leave Infant Specialist
  • Corporate Events, Peak Seasons and Convention Care
  • Back-up Child Care when Nannies go on Vacation
  • On Call care if an employee must work late unexpectedly
  • Overnight Nannies if an employee is scheduled for a business trip
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